Central people can be retailing buai

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 25th, 2014

 I READ in The National that the governor for Central  had  handed a petition to the NCD governor regarding the buai ban. 

Four points highlighted by the leaders from Kairuku seems  to me that the matter related to the livelihood of the people. 

While I agree that this ban has affected our Central people, I see that the arguments of these leaders are shallow and indeed it contradicts what these leaders had expressed in their letter of petition. 

If the buai ban actually affects the livelihood of Central people, why do I see them selling 10 and 20kg bags of buai cheaply to the Highlanders who are benefiting  greatly  from the sales of the nuts?

I have witnessed them selling the bags for K70 to K100 each to the Highlanders. 

These Highlanders are selling one nut for K1 and K2 on the streets of Port Moresby.

Just imagine how many nuts are packed in one bag, making the Highlanders rich by the 150% to 300% profit.

Kila Haoda, Puka Temu and Mark Maipakai needs to understand the win-win situation that the NCD governor has offered. 

Are the Central people just too lazy to sit under the sun to sell the nuts?

The Highlanders are raking the money in.

They buy PMV buses and big houses in the city. 


Jim Thoa, Via email