Central police nab robbers and find marijuana gardens

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The National- Friday, January 14, 2011


CENTRAL police have arrested 15 men  for a series of offences committed during their Christmas and New Year operations that winds up on Saturday. 

Central police commander John Maru said that nine men were arrested for holding up a public motor vehicle (PMV) from Aipiana village in Mekeo, Kairuku-Hiri district. 

The robbery took place along the Hiritano highway where all personal effects of passengers were stolen. 

In retaliation, other Mekeo villages, including Aipiana’s youths, rallied and attacked Enauwi village and torched four houses. 

Maru said the robbery occurred as most men involved in criminal activities are believed to be from Enauwi village. 

Two suspects were arrested in relation to a killing; two for being in possession of dangerous drugs; one in possession of police-issued gas grenade; and one for causing grievous bodily harm. 

Maru added that a total of 11 marijuana gardens were discovered and identified in Enauwi village. 

“Only two have been destroyed and two persons were charged with having in possession the drugs. 

“We couldn’t charge them for cultivation because we had no evidence to point out if they really did own the plots.

“The remaining nine marijuana plots will soon be destroyed and those responsible arrested,” he added.