Central province tackles possible disease outbreak

Normal, Papua

THE Central provincial administration, in consultation with the Health Department, is taking steps to combat possible disease outbreaks  in the  province.
A team of  health officers from the provincial health division was dispersed to Goilala district last week after cases of  suspected  flu and other clinical signs and symptoms were reported to check on the possibility spread of the diseases.
 Provincial administrator Raphael Yibmaramba last Tuesday met with his health manager, Michael Uaiz and district health coordinators to discuss preventive measures on the possible outbreak of cholera, dysentery and influenza in case the province was affected.
These measures were taken as some of the provinces sharing common borders with Central province had been affected by cholera and dysentery. 
The Central health team had compiled a report awaiting further deliberation and approval for the implementation.
If approved, the health officers would be dispersed in the districts to identify early signs and symptoms and stop the spread of any disease in the province.
 The team had been tasked to disseminate information through electronic media so that people in the remote parts of the province were aware of risks in spreading of diseases like cholera, influenza and dysentery.