Central provincial government embroiled in land dispute

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 22nd May 2013

 THE Central provincial administration claims that an eviction notice it received from a land developer is illegal because it has the title on the piece of land.

Provincial administrator Gei Raga said the land identified as Portion 1508 Certificate Authorising Occupancy (CAO) No 1645 was owned by Department of Agriculture and Livestock but later given to the Central provincial government for its staff housing as Portion 1478, CAO No 1655.

Raga said he had informed the law firm representing the land developer that the Central provincial government still held the CAO for the piece of land which it received on Oct 30, 1986.

He said the total area was 4.1ha and the Central provincial government was authorised to occupy it for the purpose of staff housing.

A notice to vacate the premises was sent to the provincial administration  and other residents last month because it was needed for further development.

Raga said the Central provincial lands division had contacted the Department of Agriculture and Livestock and the Lands Department to establish how the land developer managed to get the title for that land when the Central provincial government still held the right to occupy it.