Central schools shut due to deaths

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The National – Friday, June 17, 2011

CLASSES at two schools in Central have been suspended in the wake of the brutal murder of a student on May 29.
Mt Diamond Secondary School and Keredaki Elementary and Primary school in the Kairuku-Hiri electorate were issued with the notices last Friday because of fear among students and teachers.
Central provincial education adviser Titus Hatagen yesterday appealed to communities involved in the latest incident at Bautama to refrain from targeting schools and intimidating students.
Hatagen yesterday said the provincial education board had ordered a two-week suspension of classes in the hope it would allow students and teachers to recover.
The suspension handed down last Friday and took effect last Monday and ends on June 24.
Hatagen said the school had decided the term two holidays from July 11-22 would be used to make up for lost time.
Grade 10 students yesterday sat for their written expression examination.
Hatagen said the murder had affected enrolment figures at the neighbouring Keredaki Elementary and Primary Schools.
Hatagen was unable to confirm reports of unusual activities at nights around the hostel for boarders and day students being harassed at their pick-up points in the city.
He said he was unaware of such reports.
It is students had to resort to dressing in street clothes to avoid being harassed by a particular ethic group.