Central Sepik has what it takes

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The National, Friday July 6th, 2012

THEā€ˆletter “Idea for new province a ploy” (July 3) by “Silent Observer” justified his argument only on costs.
Unfortunately, it comes at a time when everyone is  looking at the whole picture narrowly.
The writer dwelled so much on cost, which is the type of argument that hinders service delivery.
Money is not a problem.
Central Sepik is capable of becoming a province when you consider the social establishments on ground and the economic activities.
We only need the political will to drive the idea through.
Maprik town is capable of becoming the new pro­vincial headquarters and if established, it will take government services to the people.
Central Sepiks are hard-working people, a trait which is part and parcel of our culture and tradition.

Reall Observer
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