Central turns to goat farming

Normal, Papua

The National – Monday, December 20, 2010

By GRACE AUKA UPNG journalism student
PEOPLE in Central have embarked on goat farming as an alternate source of protein.
The project was introduced to them through funding and technical assistance from the PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP) and non-governmental organisation Child Fund.
Child Fund is a group which strives to assist and improve the lives of children and their families in isolated communities through various community projects including food security, education and water and sanitation.
Last week, the organisation was in Rigo’s inland Seva village to conduct the goat project in the village.
It is one of many projects that Child Fund has started in several villages in the district.
The goat project was funded by PNGSDP which gave K250,000. The money will also go towards capacity and training of farmers. 
Rigo district, which is about 3-4 hours outside of Port Moresby, is known for its fresh fruits and vegetables.
Apart from daily consumption, most of this fresh garden produce goes to waste in the villages because road conditions are very bad and access to transport or PMVs is very limited, denying villages the access to markets to sell their produce.
However, some NGOs and charity organisations have seen the plight of the villages and have established a number of projects and working among the communities there.
The villagers themselves were keen to farm the goats and expressed that this project would supplement their rich garden diet and provide a source of income generation in future.
“We acknowledge Child Fund and PNGSDP for this project, it is our responsibility to make it expand, in terms of milking the goats and establishment of pastures,” villager James Dagia said.