Central villager sews hammocks for a living

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday 15th April, 2013

 HULA villager Michael Kila loops hammocks for a living.

Kila, 49, has been looping hammocks for five years in Port Moresby.

The Central man told The National that he gained his inspiration from his ancestors who used to mend traditional fishing nets.

“My ancestors were great fishermen. They sew and mend their fishing nets in the village,” he said.

Kila said he had transferred that traditional skill to making hammocks.

“I was trained by my uncle to make the hammocks,” he said.

Kila said making the hammocks was similar to making traditional fishing nets.

“I used nylons that I buy from the stores to make the hammocks,” he said.

He said the craft of making the hammock was also similar to making string bags (bilum).

Stationed at the traffic isle on the busy Waigani road, Kila makes hammocks every day to sell.

“I’m proud that I’m making hammocks for people to relax in them after a busy day at work,” Kila 


Kila is selling the big hammocks for K100 and the small ones for K50.

“These hammocks are good for our overseas visitors to buy and keep in their homes as souvenirs from Port Moresby,” he said.