Centre: Bilum industry important for women

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013


SMALL Business Development Corporation acting managing director Henry Marasembi says the bilum industry is viable and an important project for women

He said this while farewelling a technical team from the International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva.

The team was in the country for research purposes with the National Consultative Working Group and state departments and private agencies.

“The bilum industry has a very high viability and that women, as better entrepreneurs, will now be involved with this very important project that will be rolled out,” Marasembi  said.

“We at SBDC stand ready to work with ITC with their research findings that were conducted in PNG and will be working very closely together as well.

“I can assure you that Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry Richard Maru is very passionate and fully behind the project.”

The AusAID support team from ITC was in the country for economic women empowerment in the Pacific and met with stakeholders. 

ITC’s  aim in PNG was to harness the untapped potential of bilum to increase the economic situation of bilum producers.

“The mission objectives were to engage with stakeholders in PNG and seek their inputs and secure support for the project, develop a robust project plan to promote sustainable development and share the draft project plan that was developed during the course of the mission, with stakeholders in PNG and donor within 30 days of the mission’s completion for their agreement,” Marasembi said.

“The acting deputy executive director for ITC, Ashish Shah, in a letter to Maru, said he was pleased to work with the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry to ensure that the bilum trade in PNG developed rapidly and contributed to the economic empowerment of women involved with the bilum design, production and marketing.”