Centre gives computer training

National, Normal

The National, Monday November 11th, 2013


THE APEC Digital Opportunity Centre club is providing training for those who never had access to computers.

Centre coordinator Philemon Yalamu told an open forum at the University of Papua New Guinea last Friday: “The ADOC club provides an opportunity for those who had never had access to computers to undergo computer training.”

It is a programme jointly funded by the Taiwan Trade Mission and PNG Government. It is facilitated by volunteer academics at the university’s school of humanities and social sciences. 

Yalamu said the programme targeted children, women, men, youths and UPNG students.

“The forum gives the opportunity to club members to share their experiences, ask questions, propose new ideas and give feedback on how they see the project contributing to their success,” he said.

The ICT project started in 2011 to create basic computer knowledge for those who never had any access to computers. “It is very costly to get basic computer knowledge in this country. But this project is free,” he said.

One of the ADOC participating students, Anderson Gariadi said the project had helped him know the basics of using a computer.

“As a beginner, with no knowledge or idea about a computer, I struggled when I first attended this project last year,” Gariadi said.

“But it paid off after five weekends of attending the training sessions.”