Centre plans to offer graduate programme


The Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (Cefi) is offering graduate development programme (GDP) for new and recent graduates from tertiary institutions and colleges based in Port Moresby.
Cefi said in a statement that the inaugural programme would offer graduates and soon-to-be graduates prospective opportunities to gain relevant experience in a range of disciplines that contributes to greater financial inclusivity for Papua New Guineans.
It stated that the cross-functional development programme would provide graduates exposure to different units and disciplines in financial inclusion coordination, financial inclusion training, communications and stakeholder mobilisation, finance and administration and special projects.
Executive director Saliya Ranasinghe said the programme illustrated Cefi’s commitment to attracting and developing top performing graduates.
“Cefi’s GDP programme is designed to attract and develop leadership skills for outstanding candidates,” he said.
“It provides the technical and interpersonal skills that will help them to deliver and advocate for financial inclusion programmes and initiatives in the country.”
Ranasinghe said the development of a more robust graduate programme was identified as a key learning and development priority under Cefi’s advocacy of financial inclusion agenda.
Based on research and data gathered, the administrative team developed the blended learning programme that included mentoring, self-paced learning, participation in live and virtual workshops, experiential development days, local networking and project management.

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    Govt is NOT doing anything on GDPs and yet getting 45% of Salary Tax every 2 weeks.
    Bloody shame on them bloody Greedy Shit- Govt Agencies such as IRC, Labour Dpt and other State Agencies!

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