Centre selling paintings for disabled people


A CENTRE for people living with disabilities is raising funds by selling paintings.
Billy’s Disability Fund Centre founder Bill Habis said it was aiming to raise more than K300,000.
He plans to create an application where people can donate at least K1 through the internet.
“The funds raised will assist and empower people living with disabilities, including myself, to achieve goals and assist in receiving medical treatment,” Habis said.
“I had an accident in 2001 and I have been looking for ways to get further medical treatment.
“So I developed the idea of creating something like this for myself and others like me.”
He said his experience made him realise that funds allocated by the State was insufficient.
“I see people living with disabilities begging on the streets,” he said.
“How can we assist to bring them out of poverty and empower them?
“If three million people can contribute K1, we make K3 million.
“Multiply that by 12 months – that should be enough to make a big difference in a person’s life.”
He thanked artist Senton Watai, 21, a final-year art students at the University of Papua New Guinea, for assisting with 36 pieces of his work valued at more than K60,000.
Twenty per cent of Watai’s sales will go towards the centre.