Centre to train local physios

The National, Thursday July 7th, 2016

THE Papua New Guinea High Performance Sport team, operating under the Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation, has developed a partnership with the Port Moresby General Hospital management for medical staff from the hospital to participate in a local capacity building physiotherapy programme at its sports medicine clinic.
The 12 physiotherapy staff and students will have the opportunity to work with staff at the Southern region HP Centre of Excellence operating from the Taurama Indoor and Aquatic Centre. HP director Aaron Alsop said the agreed aim between both managements was to upskill and build more competencies in the staff working in physiotherapy.
“It will broaden their knowledge and practical application in this field.  “This in turn will produce more efficient and effective services in the PMGH physiotherapy department along with growing the number of physiotherapists we can draw upon for sporting events in the country,” Alsop said.