Centres to use finance system

The National,Friday June 10th, 2016

The Finance Department and Digicel will soon install the Integrated Finance Management System in provinces and districts.
Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan said the department started trialing the new pay and payment system in East New Britain and Central.
“We are entering into partnership with Digicel that will cost us but with Digicel’s network coverage in the provinces is why we have gone into partnership,” he said.
“Under the agreement, Digicel will be responsible for providing connectivity to all government departments,  provinces, districts and local level governments.
.“We want to tap into that connectivity to establish IFMS in the districts. That’s our next phase – provinces and districts.”
Ngangan said they hoped the system would go online in East New Britain and Central by September or October.
“That’s just to make sure that the system works in the provincial government setting environment,” he said.
“The provincial trial is happening this week so the officers have gone out to the sites to ensure connectivity.
“The advantages are so great that it provides a transparent accountable system to stop bad practices.
“If someone in the district is trying to process some cheques that are not right and a complaint is raised, I can put a stop to it and then we can get clarifications, and if verified we can lift the stop so that’s greater control.”
He said the system would prevent mismanagement of funds.