Century 21’s global property website

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The National, Wednesday February 12th, 2014

 THE Australasian section of Century 21’s global property website, century21global.com, was launched yesterday.

Property listings in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea will now be automatically promoted in 74 countries and in 16 languages. 

Currency conversions will also be available on the new website, which allows international buyers to view Century 21’s full Australasian listings.

According to Century 21 Australasia chairman and owner Charles Tarbey, the website would allow vendors to access a larger pool of buyers, though the company expects that most transactions will still occur within the property’s country.

“For example, a buyer in Europe can view properties for sale in Australia, in their local language and currency, and communicate with the relevant Century 21 agent via the site,” Tarbey said.

He said website may give local vendors a competitive advantage over other sellers who are not promoting their properties in foreign markets.

The website would also include pages with localised content to assist foreign buyers. 

It has localised maps, with property listings and agent’s contact information.

Century21global.com also featured automatic translation services, allowing buyers and agents to communicate in the buyer’s language of choice.

Upon entering the website, buyers are able to click on a continent on the interactive map, which will then list the available countries where Century 21 operates. 

Buyers are then taken to a page listing general demographics for the country as well as market information including foreign buyers’ legal and tax obligations. From there, a buyer can look at the properties listed in that country, using all the search engine tools available on Century 21’s local website.

The company’s Australian and New Zealand offices will receive “global kits” this week, containing advice and advertising materials to assist them in marketing properties on the website.