Cepa officers grateful after training stint


SEVEN officers from the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (Cepa) graduated with a diploma in management and leadership from Torres University.
One of the graduates, Rose Alphonse, a policy officer, said the training would help them handle and manage challenges better as Cepa transited from a government department into a corporate organisation.
“The important asset of every organisation is its employees,” she said.
“If you have the best people with the skills and the knowledge needed in the organisation, you will surely see it progressing and I thanked our management under the leadership of our managing director Gunther Joku for initiating this training programme to improve the skills and knowledge of CEPA officers.”
The seven officers are pioneer graduates of the training programme. They had spent one year training from February to December last year and graduated last week.
The training was held by the Institute of Banking and Business Management. This year, five staff are doing the course.
Managing director Gunther Joku said staff capacity building and development was crucial and they are pleased to provide training to improve their skills and knowledge to better perform their jobs effectively and efficiently.
“As we move away from being a government department into an authority, we as an organisation are faced with new challenges and we need to better skill and train our officers to take up these challenges and we are pleased with the progress,” Joku said.