Chairman: Report issues to provincial authorities


Provincial education authorities should communicate teachers issues well with the Teaching Service Commission so teachers will remain in classroom to teach, Teaching Service Commission chairman Baran Sori says.
Sori explained to The National that teachers were not supposed to be writing and advising TSC of their issues but report to their respective provincial authorities to make decisions.
He said for some provinces have a high number of teacher queries unattended to because education authorities were not communicating well with the commission to resolve them due to lack of knowledge of functions and procedures.
“For education offices in the provinces, if they don’t have sound knowledge obviously they cannot effectively manage,” he said.
“Likewise, the application of policies process and procedures; these are areas that contribute to problems that we get every year, especially in industrial matters in salaries and entitlements
“Some teachers don’t get their pay and other allowances on time like the remote disadvantage allowances.
“There are number of teachers who have missed out on that but it’s not something for the them to write directly to the commission, or the payroll division. These are areas that the provincial education authorities must make proper records of and the salary section of the education office in the province must communicate with the TSC.
“We cannot leave this with teachers who are struggling to try and communicate and get that sorted out.
“We also have the normal boarding duty allowances for the head teachers of particularly secondary schools with boarding facilities.”

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