Chairman slams group behind mine closure


BABUAF, Hengambu and Yanta land groups for the Wafi-Golpu project in Morobe yesterday condemned the actions of those who forced the closure of the project a week ago.
Hengambu Landowners’ Association chairman Paul Yanam in a media conference said the actions taken by the so called opportunist groups were illegal.
“We the recognised landowners are not happy with their actions and want to inform the PNG Government, the developers, financiers and other stakeholders that their actions were illegal and not in the interest of Babuaf, Hengambu and Yanta,” he said.
“In the special mining lease area (SML 10) we did not take part and are not supporting it.”
Yanam said the faction group that went ahead with the actions to shut down the project last Friday, did not represent the landowners under the three main groups of Babuaf, Hengambu and Yanta.
“They did what we are not happy with,” he said.
“The other groups’ leaders are not mandated leaders.”
Yanta Landowners Association chairman Genesis Siliwana, expressing similar views, said they objected to the actions outright.
Babuaf chairman Thomas Nen in support of his other two fellow chairmen also condemned the actions last Friday and said this is not in the best interest of the genuine landowners.