Chairman tells others to leave Sopas alone

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 19th September 2012

CHAIRMAN for the Sopas Hospital in Wabag, Enga, wants parties attempting to reopen the Sopas Hospital to step aside and let him complete what he had started.
Sopas Tambon said since the hospital closed in 2000, he has been working to try to get it re-opened.
He said now that he was in the middle of the project, others had stepped in.
“The hospital has been closed because of a shortage of funding and tribal fights. All these years I have been pursuing the matter (to reopen the hospital),” Tambon said.
He said the then Minister for Health Sasa Zibe issued a letter on Aug 25 last year giving the green light for the hospital to be re-opened.
“I had visited the Papua New Guinea Union Mission to follow up on the matter but found out that other parties had approached the union to pursue it,” he said.
He urged the other parties to step aside and let him continue the work as any interference would delay the project.