Challenge for graduates


PRIME Minister James Marape has urged graduates of the University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE) not to look for jobs, but create jobs for themselves.
Speaking to the 23rd graduates of UNRE at its Vudal campus on Friday, Marape told the young men and women not to graduate to “find a job” but to “create a job”.
“Don’t graduate and find a job, but graduate and create a job,” he said.
“Set your goal early and be disciplined.
“Don’t think beer, cigarettes and excessive partying will enable you to do well in your life.
“Stay focused, stay on course.”
Marape said the Government’s focus right now was on agriculture and renewable resources.
He said UNRE was the right university teaching the right courses.
He said fisheries, agriculture and tourism were the most important sectors which were currently boosting the economy of PNG.
Marape said agriculture, fisheries and tourism would help sustain Papua New Guinea’s economy today and into the future
Meanwhile, he thanked UNRE council members, vice-chancellor Dr Ponji Kitchawen and all faculty heads for their work in developing the university.
Marape presented a cheque for K300,000 to UNRE for wifi.


  • I am supporting the point raised by Prime Minister James Marape advising graduates to create employment.

    In fact our country is blessed with alot of resources. We own the land and these graduates should start small by working on the land and at last they will arrive at all they have and work all these years in the classroom.
    Otherwise, there is no employment to employ all these graduates at the same time.

    Now we are living in a society that “Blesing Paulim Kristen” meaning that God has given all we should have to survive with certain laws, but due to mankind’s laziness we turn to look for those blessing and always creating problem in the village as well as the nation.

  • I strongly agree with the point surfaced by our Prime Minister,James Marape which is also supported by Hitiringke that graduates,especially at the University level must create employment rather than searching and back-falling in the society.We (graduates) in Papua New Guinea, we need to change our mindsets and create something for ourselves than what the country can do for us.The developing status of our country is on our hands.

    Employment placings are limited and driven by cultural perception of give and take, bribery and nepotism.

    When graduates begin to create their own employment it will also create job opportunities for others with merit in their little set ups.You will be a blessing to others.And you know what?Only God knows when to maximize your potential only if God is Your Number ONE-1

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