Challenge for O’Neill to build on credibility

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The National, Tuesday August 07th, 2012

THE national director for Caritas PNG, Raymond Ton, is urging Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to establish a credible national government that can fight corruption at all levels. 
Ton said in a statement there was no better way to serve the people better than to rid corrupt practices that imprevented leaders from working directly and effectively with the people.
He urged O’Neill to make a lasting difference and set a legacy for the future.
“We urge the government of O’Neill to make a lasting difference to this truly rich and beautiful country – to rid corruption and bring meaningful development. 
“We urge him to establish a credible government which will rid corruption at all levels and sectors, their systems and processes.
“We urge him to leave a legacy and set the benchmark for future governments to follow.
“This government is the people’s hope for a better future.
“There may never be a better time to start than this. By doing so your government is embarking on a major development revolution.”
Ton said that with three former prime ministers Sir Michael Somare, Sir Julius Chan and Paias Wingti elected into government there was strong support for young leaders to better run the country.