Challenge on court reference

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The National, Thursday 26th January 2012

A CASE challenging in court the special reference filed by Dr Allan Marat has been further adjourned.It is to await the determination of a reserved hearing handed down by Justice Catherine Davani earlier yesterday.Lawyer Philip Wright had filed an application in court on behalf of his client Sir Arnold Amet who wanted to join the current proceeding in the national court.Justice George Manuhu who presided over the case, ruled that according to the decision handed by Davani earlier in the day, the matter should be adjourned to Feb 16.Marat’s counsel Tiffany Twivey had filed an application in court to stay all "politically-motivated" national court proceedings until the special reference was determined by the Supreme Court.Davani, who presided over the Fred Yakasa-Tom Kulunga case, ruled that the hearing takes place on Feb 16.