Chamber projects slow recovery for New Ireland businesses


BUSINESSES in New Ireland will take time to recover from the impact of the Covid-19, according to the New Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
President Nolis Thomas told The National the recovery would be slow.
“Businesses will not recover to what it was prior to the Covid-19 and the restrictions,” he said.
“We do not anticipate it (business) to recover to what it was in the earlier part of the year last year.
“We will have some recovery this year but not what it was.”
Thomas said the intervention by the Government in releasing the economic stimulus package would only fill the gaps to assist businesses recover.
He said robberies on business houses in the province were placing a strain on them and it would impact the people if businesses particularly shops increase the price of products and services.
Thomas said businesses would have to increase their prices to cover the cost of robberies.
“Stealing started happening frequently around three years ago and has been continuing,” he said.
He said the chamber of commerce and industry strongly condemned the illegal activities.