Chamber: Provide more parking spaces

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The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

 By Gynnie Kero
THE Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry says a possible solution to illegal parking in the central business district (CBD) was to provide temporary parking in spaces available there.
This would mean obtaining approval from appropriate landowners.
The chamber praised the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and those involved in the work done on the new traffic system in the CBD.
Chief executive officer David Conn said the chamber supported the move by the NCDC to  clamp down on those who ignored parking rules or any rules in the city.
Conn said this following a parking notice recently released by the commission warning motorists about parking on newly-paved footpaths, traffic islands or double parking in CBD.
City manager Leslie Alu had said offenders would be fined or their vehicles would be impounded.
Conn said: “The city centre now looks like the centre of PNG’s capital city. It is a vast improvement and while parking spots are still at a premium, new building developments  should be forced to include underground parking and some of that parking – whether charged or not – should be available to the public,  not just for tenants.
“I am sure several city high-rises were approved many years ago on that basis. But then when nobody was looking, they closed the public access down and left City Hall with the problem.
“One possible way to solve the parking problems, at least temporarily, is landowners with blocks in the CBD  allow temporary parking on these sites until development starts. Again if they want to charge a reasonable fee and employ a few young fellows to collect fees, that would be a win-win situation.
“We support City Hall on their move to crack down on drivers who park with no consideration for other drivers and pedestrians. Indeed, we think they (NCDC) are being too soft issuing warning notices.”
Alu yesterday said:  “The executive management will go through a refreshing session on the law and that’s when I will give you a better picture of the law and how it will be implemented.
“Motorists in town are not taking heed of the illegal parking notice. The NCD physical planning and road control law 2014 started 5 to 7 years ago. It’s approval and gazettal took a year.”