Chan invites people’s policies

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The National, Wednesday 25th July, 2012

RE-ELECTED New Ireland governor Sir Julius Chan has urged people in the province to come forward with their proposed policies, especially if they wanted the existing ones in his People’s Progress Party to be altered.
Sir Julius said he was aware that more than half the total number of eligible voters in New Ireland did not vote for PPP and its policies, which included free or subsidised education, pensions for the aged and disabled, house for the homeless and a variety of other incentives.
“Over half of you do not want these things and as government of the day, we will respect your views in the comfort of your rights to part-take in our policies and programmes realising and considering the other half stood for PPP. We will lend a hand to those who need help.”
through a formal arrangement,” Sir Julius said.
He said the provincial government provided free education up to grade 12, but it seemed people were rather comfortable with the national government policy and as such the provincial government was willing to comply.
He said his government respected its people and would not dictate but urged the people to be their partners in the next five years.