Chan wins petition case

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013

 A VILLAGE chief on New Ireland has congratulated Governor Sir Julius Chan for winning an election petition filed by losing candidate, Ian Ling Stuckey.

Pire village chief Opart Bokas said the challenge by Stuckey had demeaned the democratic rights of the people of New Ireland by alleging bribery and undue influence. 

“I urged the people of New Ireland to be conscious of the kinds of the greedy few who are misleading the people to follow and blindfold the people to accept material handouts,” he said.

“The provincial government, under the leadership of Sir Julius, is now into the implementation phase of the Malagan Declaration Forward for the next five years and has no time to speculate around the greedy few.

 “Projects such as the renovation of all the high/secondary schools, two new high schools, Konomatilik and Tanir opened with the third in Nasko ready to accept new students in 2014, road sealing from Namatanai to Punam, the four bridges  Marr, Punam, Moronai and Salimun – and the 12 re-opened aid posts.  These impact projects and the policies in the Malagan Declaration that the provincial government have initiated and implemented are a testimony to the commitment of Sir Julius and not empty promises to satisfy the greedy few.

 “We are a government for the people of New Ireland and we are ready to partner with the people for a better New Ireland tomorrow.

“The allegations have set a bad image on the peace-loving people of New Ireland and serve the interest of those greedy few.

“We, the people must not allow our future generation suffer for the greedy few,” Bokas said.