Chance for MPs to see online selection process

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MPs will next week be given an opportunity to observe the new online selection process by the Department of High Education, Research, Science and Technology.
Minister Pila Niningi told Parliament yesterday that there had been a lot of questions about online selection.
“Next week the department will set up the system to show all MPs how the selection process is done,” Niningi said.
“We will show you how a particular student was not able to be selected to the institutions he had applied to.
“This was one of the reasons I stepped in to address the issues at the University of PNG where the administration had been using their set criteria for selection which had affected a lot of students.”
Niningi said another factor was the selection of the course combination by students which was important for them to be qualified for their stream.
He said the online services can be accessible from any mobile phone as long as they had internet access and had data.
Niningi said even in rural areas most people had access to mobile phones so the issue was not about access but about the selection criteria.
He said the department had carried out awareness for all national high and secondary schools at the end of last year.
“All the students were well informed of the new process of selection so I don’t see remoteness as an excuse to access the system,” Niningi said.