Chance for Siniwan to perform

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 1st, 2012

I WOULD like to congratulate Gisuwat Sini-win for toppling incumbent Nawaeb MP Timo-thy Bonga.
Bonga and Governor Luther Wenge did very little for Nawaeb and Morobe.
I can assure Siniwin that the best Lae taro comes from his electorate so one of his tasks would be to open up the door to economic ad­vancement.
I have calculated that if he were to use the DSIP funds wisely, it would be enough to get a bulldozer, grader, loader and a tipper truck to build and maintain the road, there would still be a lot of money left.
He must now do better. Otherwise, even primary school children will be telling the same stories of two former MPs who did nothing.

Port Moresby