Chancellor warns students of plagiarism


THE University of Goroka (UOG) is not an institution for those who do cut and paste, copy or plagiarise, Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb says.
In his address to students at the opening of the university’s orientation week, he issued a strong warning to students about avoiding plagiarism and “cut and paste jobs.”
“Instead, you must instil smart study habits, time management and develop a habit of respecting others,” he said.
“Reading, in particular, is very important; many who have not done well in their studies are those students who do not borrow books to read or use as reference material.
“I urge you to use skills for finding materials and use them in your assignments in a way acceptable to academic writings.”
Sukwianomb said academic professionals, the community at the university and administration staff were there to help them to develop themselves and mentor them to become better Papua New Guineans and worthy citizens.
“Whatever your background might be, you are all students here and ambassadors of your clans, families and communities,”he said.
“Here I must ask each of you to build leadership qualities, be human and humane, respect each other and grow together to take PNG to the next level.”
“Adhering to simple rules set out by the university is important, so keep them, if not you will soon learn about the consequences.