Change attitudes on how you treat animals: Sir Bob


GOVERNOR-General Sir Bob Dadae says animal cruelty is a widespread disease on the streets and communities of PNG today and people need to change their attitude towards animals, especially dogs.
Dadae witnessed the opening of Haus Kuting, a new vet clinic costing K1.5 million at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in Port Moresby yesterday.
Funding covers the administration building, refurbishment of facilities which include a new cattery and exotic animal room.
“Fast-changing technologies and development taking place on our landmass have caused many rare species found only in our country are disappearing because of people hunting and cultural expectations,” Sir Bob said.
He said people needed to show empathy towards animals in the community as they were also played vital roles, especially dogs, not only man’s best friend but as guards and escorts.
National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop said looking after the city did not only involve cleanliness but also having a friendly environment for both humans and animals.
“If we do dog pounding, it also helps clean the city and healthier environment,” he said.
Parkop said dogs were important animals that could be treated and trained at RSPCA, they played vital roles at homes and work places for security purposes.
The vet clinic facilities include three consultation rooms, one extermination room, one surgery room, one cat hospital, a dog hospital, a quarantine in-take ward, one cat boarding and adoption room, a infection-disease or quarantine isolation ward, one wildlife and exotic room, restroom and shower, common room, administration room and isolation examination room.

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