Change duration of quarantine


DESPITE the current chaos and uncertainty created by the Delta variant of the coronavirus (Covid-19) around the globe, there is some promise of normalcy with some countries opening their borders and resuming international flights.
The virus seems to be contained.
Governments have now realised that they can adapt to living with the Covid-19 while practicing personal hygiene.
However, in the case of Papua New Guinea, we are still with anxiety and creating unnecessary chaos and diverting funds in the name of Covid-19 to other use.
I have written to the Covid-19 operations centre and have made several calls but no one is responding to my messages and calls.
Can the Pandemic Response Controller David Manning tell us where he diverted the huge funds to combat the Covid-19 in PNG?
Why is there no one manning the call centres?
Why is no one responding or replying to the calls and the emails?
It is ridiculous to see the pandemic response controller imposing a 21 days mandatory quarantine in a Government reproved hotel facility for the Papua New Guinea nationals coming in from aboard.
The world is gradually coming to terms with the Covid-19 situations and most citizens around the globe are getting vaccinated and borders are opening up.
Look at what is happening around the globe.
My call now is for the controller to ease the 21 days mandatory quarantine.
It is not necessary for someone who is vaccinated to be self-isolating for 21 days in one of the most expensive hotels in the world.
It is unrealistic, causing unnecessary anxiety and a financial burden.
I understand that the quarantine is imposed for the safety of the country, but it is improper for me to pay a hefty hotel fee to quarantine myself for 21 days and wasting my precious time when I have been vaccinated.
Can the controller ease the quarantine period to at least seven days for those that are vaccinated?

OSL Rig 102 (Moro)