Change flag, country’s name


I REFER to the subject of change name of the country and flag by a Gandhi Bukbuk, Madang (The National, Oct 5).
Australia made a terrible error giving the second biggest island in the world the same name twice.
‘Papuwah’ a Malay word for frigid hair of the Melanesian people, which the British used to name her portion (South East) as Papua.
You had then Netherlands New Guinea (West Papua), Germany New Guinea (New Guinea), and the British New Guinea (Papua).
Papua is the same as New Guinea both names include West Papua.
Not only flag and the name change are necessary as per the letter, but human rights for the Melanesians has not been granted by Australia and the United Nations to conduct referendum prior to Sept 16.
Ebia Olewale and East Sepik in 1965 suggested we name our country after the bird of paradise, ‘Paradisia’.
I believe we should agree to change our country’s name and flag.

Michael Voltaire
Gerehu 11

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  • This will be a disasters’ idea. Are you bringing ideas to get praise and honor to bring invention. Leave Bird of Paradise alone and Papua New Guinea.

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