Change is possible and our youths must be shown the right direction

Letters, Normal

The National

Youths make up the majority of the PNG population and how we treat our youths today in our community will determine the future of our society and PNG.
The responsibility does not only lie with the National Youth Commission.
Everyone should take the initiative as a responsible citizen to care for our youths and see how best we can help them and that change is possible.
We must work together and enjoy the benefits.
Everyone is aware that the main cause of law and order problems is our youths, those between the ages of 12 and 35.
Their life can easily be shaped by what captures their attention.
What captures their attention arouses their emotions, causing then to act or behave in a certain manner.
What can we do?
What can we the church youth groups do? 
What can NGOs do and where does the Government come in? 
This is a challenge for everyone.
The majority of our youths are abusing drugs and alcohol, making them susceptible to diseases, especially HIV/AIDS and STDs.
I understand the youth commission has a vision but it must work in collaboration with Government organisations, churches, NGOs and youth movements to start something good for the community.
This is what we must do to help PNG grow in the right direction starting this Independence Day.


Edwin Kulu
Koroba, Hela