Change Jiwaka education officials


THIS letter is to get relevant authorities to quickly intervene and replace underperforming school headmasters and inspectors of Jiwaka.
Breaking away from Western Highlands means we have to work extra hard and be competitive in all facet of lives in areas of developments, social lifestyle, welfare of communities, districts and province. Education is something of paramount importance.
This is where the educated population will then contribute significantly to development and economy of the province.
The continuous decline and poor grade 10 and 12 results year after year is a bad precedent for the infant province.
The poor academic results every year send a wrong and bad signal to the rest of the country that we are unfit to be independent, as we not competitive with other schools in the country. Enough damage has been caused to Jiwaka’s education image and reputation.
Enough shame has been brought to the Jiwaka people.
The Jiwaka people are calling on relevant authorities to replace inspectors and headmasters of secondary schools for a turnaround this year.

Paul Minga
Voice for Jiwaka
Nol Binzais

One thought on “Change Jiwaka education officials

  • I support what Paul’s concern and not only education but in all departments. The good governor should authorise all public service positions to be advertised and people with experience and qualifications can apply. Mkae Jiwaka for PNG and you will see change. If the Governor entertain Jiwaka for Jiwaka we are heading no way but backward and destruction.

    God save our province – Jiwaka

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