Change laws, hold spouses responsible


A WIFE was forced to take her child and move out from the family home because her husband was having an affair with another woman.
On Friday, the wife turned herself to police after stabbing her husband’s mistress.
The mistress died from the injuries sustained.
Polygamy is the practice of marrying more than one person.
In nearly all instances, this takes the form of polygyny, in which a man may marry multiple wives but a woman may only marry one husband.
Polygamous relationships lead to social problems and disorders.
Researchers have found a strong link between polygamy and violence against women.
In Papua New Guinea, for instance, researchers have found a high rate of violence against women by husbands and among co-wives. There is evidence that first wives and their children are often neglected and that when these women refuse sex, they are often beaten.
The practice of polygyny is inherently discriminatory and violates a woman’s right to equality.
Polygamy is a social disorder that weakens a family unit, its structure and the value of marriage as an institution.
The social, spiritual, psychological and economic cost of polygamy in today’s society is great as well.
Some young women, without thinking it through, marry any man who promises them good fortune.
Even educated women fall into this trap only to later find they have been deceived.
Polygamy is one of the causes of high population growth.
This only puts strain on the Government to meet the demands of its citizens.
Regardless of the reasons for the offence, an offence has been committed and the accused should be dealt with according to which ever law or act it applies.
The reasons for the assault can only be considered to mitigate the punishment.
Because of her husband’s unfaithfulness, his child is not likely to have the mother around for some time. Had he been faithful, she would not have done what she did and his mistress would still be alive.
While the perpetrators go to prison as their penalty, the instigator is a free man.
It is time a new law is made to consider provocation in which case is the husband’s infidelity and he should be punished as well.
While “it takes two to tango”, more people feel the pain of their pleasures.
Historically, many cultures have considered adultery a serious crime.
Adultery often incurred severe punishment, usually for the woman and sometimes for the man, with penalties including capital punishment, mutilation or torture.
It is high time the Law Reform Commission revisited the current legislation on adultery and polygamy with a view to making it tougher for unfaithful husbands and wives who enjoy extramarital sex to the detriment of their aggrieved spouses and children.
While it is easier to tell the wife/husband to report their spouses to police for adultery, the process of actually ensuring the case actually make it to court is tedious and can be frustrating.
If there are pathways, then it should be made known and it must work.
Otherwise, the number of deaths from polygamous relationships will continue to rise.
Maybe it was relevant to traditional societies in the past but in the modern society, a polygamous marriage can be a real headache, a nightmare for every family member.
Every woman and child has their own story to tell.

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