Change venue for 2020 Games


THIS is pertaining to media reports about the PNG Games to be held in Mendi.
I suppose the destined location should be changed otherwise due to the numerous reasons stated.
Is it that the engagement of sports world instituted in capital town Mendi will change their animalistic behaviour that they had portrayed some time ago when burning Air Niugini aircraft?
The same culprits are hanging loose without being apprehended and staying around Mendi town hoping that another chance would approach them to cause more damages when such events like proposed PNG Games in 2020
Secondly, Mendi town is prone to political impasse in which people literally take politics as their only means of survival thus, such events are not in the safer grounds due to their indifferences in the politics, they might highly likely causes disturbance resulted in the deaths of the visitors as killing is not new formula to them.
Therefore, I suggest the organising committees should look into it more closely and change the location maybe look around within SHP and choose conducive areas like Pangia, Ialibu or Walume stations because those are the only trouble free zones in SHP.

Jim Lopia