Changes to the Constitution long overdue

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013

 I WRITE to express my personal views on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s intention to make changes to the Constitution. 

Firstly, I see that these changes are long overdue and will be good for the present as well as the future. 

Looking at the short political history of our nation, it is not pleasing to note that there were many constant changes of governments since independence. 

Policies were made, but never implemented or thrown out by the next government. 

This has created a climate of unstable political environments over the years. 

Other changes the O’Neill government should look at are:

  • The Freedom of Religion Act, as suggested by Hela Governor Anderson Agiru;
  • the Vagrancy Act where there is too much freedom for citizens to move and settle anywhere in the country; 
  • the Mining Act that is still floating around the corridors of parliament; and,
  • a law to introduce compulsory religious learning in all schools because although we say PNG is a Christian country, we see a lot of moral decay in societies. 

After 30 years of living in the nation’s capital, I feel these changes are overdue. 

There is so much freedom in our “mama” law that needs to be remodelled to suit the rapid changes locally and globally. 

We have to make changes as it is good in the long term.

Social problems and law and order problems are either a direct result or the impact of too much freedom we enjoy today. 

I believe that almighty God has spoken through the people of PNG in voting in the O’Neill government. 

He has changed old guards for  new ones and we now have a new breed of PNG politicians who walk the talk such as the likes of Sam Basil, Kelly Naru, Powes Parkop and others. 

God bless the government and PNG. 


Paiaru Walky, Via email