Chaos in city


THE area in front of the Waigani BSP Banking Centre in Port Moresby is becoming worse by the day.
Vendors are selling their items along the kerb, joined by motorists who park their vehicles haphazardly.
Taxis and PMVs stop on the road to pick up, drop off or wait for passengers without any consideration for other road users.
What are the road authorities such as the National Capital District Commission doing about it?
I see that they’re doing nothing.
All they do is talk without action.
Such illegal activities are happening right before their eyes.
The governor is too busy trying to deprive the rightful owner of the Jack Pidik Park land than deal with the chaotic situation which is just metres from a busy junction of the city’s main road.
Firm action is required if we seriously want the city to be orderly and clean.
Instead, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ money is being spent to rid the city of litter.
It is a losing battle against people who do not care as they are struggling to make a living.
Millions of kina are spent on roads to ensure smooth traffic, but many are then turned into illegal parking lots and illegal, dirty market places.
Motorists park wherever they can find space – on kerbs and on roundabouts.
This is not right.
The inaction of the authorities is sending out the wrong message that it is all right.
The authorities are therefore just as guilty.

City Resident,
Port Moresby