Chaos in Kwikila market needs attention


A LETTER by ‘Nevazega’ was published several years ago regarding dishonest ticket collectors.
It remains that these felons are at it again.
Kwikila market is under the jurisdiction of Rigo Central local level government and sharing the benefits of ticket collection and other revenues with the urban ward of Kwikila town council.
The authorities don’t care about the way the ticket collectors conduct their business down the slope from the council chambers.
The following are some of the practices of these collectors while their bosses are not in sight:

  • THEY charge K30 per 50kg betel nut bag from villagers;
  • THEY collect K3 from those who complain and K5 from those who cannot complain though with same market items;
  • THEY can collect fees for months without proper and officially stamped tickets;
  • DIFFERENT collectors and bag handlers every day;
  • THEY are almost drunk and causing nuisance every day ;
  • THEY go home with heavy shopping every day;
  • THEY are very aggressive towards people do not pay due to bad business during the day, they even swear at the poor villagers;
  • THEY even collect tickets outside of the market boundaries;
  • THEY do not provide security, they just disappear once they are satisfied with their collections and sellers are left at the mercy of the drunks, retards and hooligans;
  • MOST of the sellers provide their own shelter;
  • THEY collect food from the food sellers when they don’t pay what they demand;
  • THEY do not collect tickets from their family members and relatives; and,
  • THERE are no public toilets and water supply for many years.

The list could go on forever. Nobody cares.
Please authorities, where are you?
Is this the kind of development Rigo authorities are boasting about in high offices?
These actions disgust me.
I am ashamed to be a Rigo natuna! Stop this nonsense before it is too late!

Sir Anonymous Kwikila

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