Chaos reigns at PEC meet

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DEPUTY Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu was kept waiting while Central province Deputy Governor Mathew Poiya boycotted the Central provincial executive council (PEC) meeting yesterday.
The turn of events at the Central provincial government headquarters revealed a provincial assembly that was so disorganised that PEC meetings had not been held for the last 12 months.
Mr Poiya, who is a member of the ruling National Alliance party, was called back after he drove out from the Central provincial headquarters in protest against what he called lack of communication between the chairman and Governor Alphonse Moroi and assembly services and members of the PEC.
The meeting finally got underway an hour late with Sir Puka, Rigo MP Ano Pala and Kairuku Hiri MP Paru Aihi turning up.
Mr Aihi walked out before the end of the meeting.
Mr Poiya later told the media, who were waiting outside for more than two hours, that the PEC had to be conducted by the chairman and governor.
“I almost boycotted the PEC meeting if it was not for the Deputy Prime Minister waiting.
“There were no formalities. No written advice from assembly services. No agenda. Nothing,” Mr Poiya said.
He said formalities must be done for good governance.
“I want this to be improved before the next meeting which is most likely to be the provincial Budget session.”
The Member for Goilala, who is also the chairman of the economic sector, revealed his frustration that there were submissions including an agro-forestry project that he had been holding on to for the last 12 months without any PEC endorsement.
He blamed the provincial assembly services and Mr Moroi for the unfortunate situation.
He said that the PEC was called by the governor when there were enough submissions that warranted a meeting.