Chaos rules in Eastern Highlands


Problems at Eastern Highlands abound.
The electricity supply to the administration building at Goroka base hospital has been cut now for a week because of unpaid bills.
We are still not sure who the real acting chief executive is.
Medicines are in short supply, even at the emergency department.
Several doctors who resigned and contested the recent national election are back as though they had only been away on routine leave.
By resigning they had terminated their employment with the health authority but, lo and behold, they continued to occupy houses rented by the authority.
A health extension officer has been appointed to head the authority’s highly technical curative health branch (which includes the hospital), a position designated for specialist doctors because of its complexity.
Clearly, curative care is not an extension service for a field officer.
There is no board but yet claims have been made that there is one even though it does not have the quorum to ever conduct official business.
Given the above issues, anyone can see that chaos rules within the institution.
Astonishingly, no one in authority in either the Eastern Highlands provincial administration or the National Department of Health seem concerned.
The DPM Secretary needs to look into these election-related resignations and duty resumptions.
I am wondering if the Health Secretary has briefed the new Minister for Health on the situation in Goroka.
The people of Eastern Highlands are paying the price with their lives.
I suggest that the province’s newly elected MPs make it their business to assist in cleaning up the provincial administrations.

DD Watchful