Chaplin: Control what we say

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The National, Thursday July 5th, 2012

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THIS world is full of lies for no one on earth will avoid telling lies but we are lucky because the word of God will always help us on what to say, Moem barracks Chaplin Rev Harry Hawer says.
Speaking during the Sunday Protestant service at Moem barracks, Hawer said: “Lies bring division into the family, church and government if we do not control what we say.
“Our tongue is very small, but if we do not use it properly, it may destroy our good reputation.
“However, it does good things; we use our tongue to give praise and worship to our God, the Creator.
“Our tongue can be destructive like a bushfire if we do not control what we say.”
Hawer added that anything people said to others must be always to help them to see God’s blessing in their lives.
“Only the Holy Spirit will mould and shape our tongue.”