Charged with abuse of daughter on bail


A LAE businessman is out on bail after being charged with persistent sexual abuse of his underage daughter for three years, police say.
The abuse allegedly started when she was 10 and he got her to watch him and his wife have sex. He then got the wife to watch him have sex with his daughter, according to Lae Met Supt Chief Insp Chris Kunyanban.
“This is an animalistic behaviour that the father took on the child and it is a very big concern now for parents to know that and take care of their children, especially girls,” Chief Insp Kunyanban said.
He said the stress and trauma that the child was going through was “massive especially when the act was done by her own father”.
The girl is now 13 and in grade 7, he said. The matter was reported to police only this month.
“Parents who are trying to do such crime are warned to be careful as the law will be very tough on them,” Insp Kunyanban said.


  • He is a real animal for doing hell like act on his own family. He should rot in hell.

    • Please just name the parents so the whole nation will know. Then let them rot in jail. We have a lot of sick minded people in society now than ever before. What is happening to the morals and ethics in society? Not long God’s anger will be aroused by all these moral filth and corruption that is going on in this country. Right now God is holding back for the sake of his anointed children. But if this sickening trail of filth continues unabated, we may be in trouble with our Creator sooner or later.

  • If the daughter is a biological child then the father should not have done it. What did the parents think about when they got her involved? They don’t deserve to be parents. Punish them appropriately to set a precedent for other parents.

    • It’s not about whether biological child or not. The fact that she was a minor or only a child makes this act so horrendous. You are thinking the wrong way. So for you, as long as a child is not biological you can abuse them?

  • Punish the Mother also for watching her own daughter she needs to refuse @ first instance & report the matter to police.In that case mother is directly involve – Inhuman brain

  • Both the husband and his wife needed to charged. Disgraceful father is inhuman and anticlimactic…

  • Why out on bail? These are some of the Violence that is happening in our country. Very high profile man and woman acting like lunatic. Let them rot in jail. Poor little girl was abuse by her parents, the one she could find comfort, love, care and everything but instead she was abused. So sorry for her.

  • These is also a violence, both parents must be prosecuted and let justice must be served. This is mentally illness these two retarded should follow Bosip foot print by imposing no bail exercise.

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