Charged with harbouring murder suspect

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The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014

 By Mortimer Yangharry

A MAN has been arrested, charged and detained by police in Wabag, Enga for harbouring suspects who allegedly shot and killed policeman, Lui Limlim, a month ago.

Acting provincial police commander Insp Epenas Nili confirmed the arrest of Alveis Karapaei, in his early 40s from Kopen village in Wabag district, last Friday.

Nili said an order was given to Karapaei to stop him from helping suspects as one of them was his nephew.

He said his men worked hard to detain the suspects but he was very disappointed to see relatives harbouring suspects and not co-operating with police.

Nili appealed to the people to help police and not the criminals.

“The suspects are known to police and we need information and help from the community to hunt them down and lock them up,” he said.