Charitable goods not excused from the law

Lae News, Normal


THE law does not pity anyone importing goods even for charitable purposes.
“Ignorance of the law excuses no one,” Andrea Niblett, the special needs coordinator of the cancer patients at the Angau Memorial Hospital admitted yesterday.
She had a rude awakening last week when she went to collect goods donated by a German beauty products company.
LR Health and Beauty Systems’ office in Australia, had donated more than K21,000 worth of goods at her request.
When she went to get the 25 cartons, she was told to pay K850 each and K2,200 for freight.
She did not have exemption from the Health Department to bring in the aloe vera products.
She cleared her bill.
The products were brought in because she wanted the soothing and enhancing capabilities of the aloe vera to be given to the patients to make their lives “a lot more bearable”.
She said that these products would not cure cancer but assist in the healing process of the medication that is administered.
The products donated to the cancer ward consisted of Aloe Vera Emergency Spray, Aloe Vera Tooth Gel, Aloe Vera Cream with Propels and Concentrate and Aloe Vera Cream Soap.
Mrs Niblet would be assisted by nurse, Sr Norris Jacob, who had volunteered to administer the products to the patients.
She said that the products would only be effective if applied and taken regularly.
Also donated to the ward for the patients were packets of milk and tins of Milo from local company Nestle.