Check books for linguistic accuracy


I HAVE raised this concern several times but I feel that it will have greater relevance during the National Literacy Week.
I have checked the English texts in many of these Chinese story books on titles such as Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and others and I am appalled at the errors in the words in the traditional stories that have been reproduced.
This is giving our children poor examples of the English language, especially when English is the language of instruction in our schools.
It is obvious that no one is checking these colourful picture books for linguistic accuracy.
We are banning products that do not have English wording, but why aren’t we checking and banning these poor English story books?
The correct versions of these traditional story books have been with us for many years and have been enjoyed by all.
Let’s keep the linguistic quality of all imported books that our children may read or listen to as an educational priority.
Can someone in the Education Department be given the role of ensuring that there is ‘linguistic quality censorship’ for all of these cheap story books that many parents buy simply because they look nice?
Let’s give our kids good models of English in all of our books, whether they are textbooks or traditional story books.

Academic Editor

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