Check communities producing homebrew


THE consumption and production of homebrew is happening all over the Kabiufa No.2 communities.
Community leaders and village court leaders find it hard to control the situation.
A warning from the health authority says homebrew is dangerous and it can harm, but people at Kabiufa#2 knowingly consume it and create a lot of problems in the communities.
Leaders want to report this matter to police but those who are producing homebrew are threatening them. People are afraid to report to police.
I appeal to the Goroka police to investigate those who are producing and consuming homebrew and deal with them.

Frustrated Gorokean


  • This is becoming a norm,especially the Goroka electorate.people drinking homebrew almost every day and its affecting the entire community.what are the law enforcement body doing?

    • If people don’t care about their own lives and consequences of drinking home brew, let them drink to their own deaths. That’s the path they have chosen to follow.

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