Check visas, lessors told

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PEOPLE who lease their properties to foreign businesses must first ensure that those they are dealing with have valid visa and entry papers, Immigration and Border Security Minister Westly Nukundj says.
He also warned the public not to harbour or support foreigners conducting illegal activities using their properties.
Nukundj reminded foreigners conducting illegal businesses that the Government would strengthen border security laws.
He said the strengthening of the law would ensure that the safety and the wealth of the people were protected.
“I (am) enforcing the warning issued by Prime Minister James Marape to penalise foreigners who violate the Migration laws and policies of this country.”
He said the first operation was conducted in Port Moresby last Saturday by officers from the Immigration and Citizenship Authority, Labour Department and police.
They arrested 21 foreigners during a dawn raid.
“I want to appeal to the business houses, individuals, groups and communities, clans and tribes that this notice serves as a stern warning to them to refrain from harbouring and facilitating the illegal foreigners or lawful foreigners doing illegal business using their properties, relationships or another way.”


  • Minister, people are subjected to influence or lured with offer of money. No one would care less about checking for validity of visa and other relevant documentations.

    It is better to set up a call center for people to call and report of suspicious foreign nationals lurking out and about in the community taking up business activities reserved for the locals in the SME sector.

  • Thank you minister for this exercise which got those immigrants operating illegally here in PNG, we also want to know if they are to be deported back to their country of origin. We don’t want them serving their term in our jails.

  • They foreigners cannot accept simple papua new guineans into their country so why should we torelate to keep unknown staffs here. Thank you minister.

  • PNG is a small country with population and resources that the government can control and deal with easily.The national reserved business like trade store,mini super market,Tyre service,kai bar,stationary shops,bakery,security company,cleaning contract and many more.
    These reserved business must be reserved for the national strictly and you will see PNGan will keep them selves busy by engaging tribes man and family to earn a living will then cut down problems and associates law less activities,
    Another is employment in this country is unfair and not be regulated properly to safe guard nationals.You can see around you is foreigners work every where and iam very concern how they got in here.If the Labour dept. control properly the people of PNG will have no problem at all.
    TO BRING BACK PNG and MAKE IT RICH the two things must be looked at closely and monitor in order to see some changes.

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