Chemical business soar


BRIAN Bell has seen a significant spike in sales from its chemical business as a result of the various hygiene and other medical grade products which are in high demand, chief executive Cameron Mackellar says.
“Demand in many cases has well and truly outstripped our normal or regular stock holdings of these product lines and we have reacted quickly to source those essential lines and critical products from a range of alternative suppliers in addition to our regular supply partners,” he said.
“With issues around China’s manufacturing slowdown or delays as well as some shipping delays, we have looked elsewhere for supply alternatives while maintaining quality.
“In some cases, we have secured supply but the cost to us has increased as the supply is irregular and demand globally has increased, therefore, there has been some appropriate pricing changes for us and our customers.
“In other cases, we have flown in products just to meet that urgent and higher demand for those products right now.
“In those cases where air-freight plays a significant part, prices again increase to cover that element.”
Mackellar said the company’s stores throughout the country remained open for business.
“We remain open for business in all locations and want to continue supporting our communities for as long as we can,” he said.
“And it will remain that way unless the Government instructs otherwise or business conditions require a change in operational plans or hours of trading.
“Again, we have more than 1,200 team members and families to protect and consider in all of our locations.”
Mackellar noted that they were assessing daily operations and adjusting labour force as and when required.
He said in some locations they had requested team members to take 14 days paid leave and self-isolate.

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