Cherry-Evans try stirs controversy in series opener


SYDNEY: Maroons playmaker Daly Cherry-Evans has scored a controversial try to hand his side the lead in the State of Origin series opener last night.
The Blues defensive line looked non-existent as the halfback broke from the scrum, stepping on his right foot to leave Tariq Sims wanting to make the score 10-4.
Almost instantly, New South Wales (NSW) forwards coming across from the scrum started protesting, claiming they were held back, denying them the chance to make a try-saving tackle.or the home side.
“Now the Blues are saying they got held into the scrum,” Andrew Johns said on Channel 9.
“Tariq Sims, he gets out and over-chases Cherry-Evans, just not working together defensively there the Blues.
“Tariq Sims just gets himself in a bad situation, invites Cherry-Evans to come back off his right foot.
While often players appeal in the hopes of having a try overturned, this time rugby league legend Darren Lockyer believed there was a slight obstruction, and National Rugby League pundits agreed.
“If you have a look at the high-shot, he does for a little bit, there is a slight second where he gets held back,” Darren Lockyer said.
“Is it enough, I don’t know, but it is on the board.” Replays shown received boos across Accor Stadium over fans discontent of the try awarded.
– Fox Sports